Our Story

What's going on my fellow Elegant Savages! My name is Termar Lawton, also known as "The Elegant Savage." I am a Peak Performance Coach and I created Elegant Savagery Coaching and Apparel to provide training and apparel that focuses on self-improvement, functionality, and confidence.

To break down what we do here and why, the first thing that comes to mind is filling the gap that exists in the fitness industry. When it comes to personal training and coaching, the other aspects of health that fall outside of physical aesthetics go unaddressed. These are attributes such as increased performance, increased body awareness, increased self-image, and increased confidence.

One thing I am constantly telling my clients and team is this "if all we get from our training is physical gains, we are leaving a lot on the table."

Elegant Savagery commits to making sure our fellow Elegant Savages leave nothing on the table by focusing on providing resources that elevate each area of the Health Continuum.

If you have ever felt like you were the only one that seeks to get more out of life than the mere appearance of happiness, you are an Elegant Savage. If you are always looking to improve not only your physical aesthetics but the areas of health that fall outside of your physical appearance, you are an Elegant Savage.

I know in this world of microwave success and material gain. It can sometimes feel lonely when you look around and it seems like no one wants more than that.

Luckily for you, you are not alone.

Welcome to Elegant Savagery! We not only train to improve our physical aesthetics, but we train to gain spiritual and mental abundance and emotional peace.

Thanks for joining the family!